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  1. Max Hammer says:

    We have been watching for and anticipating a quality rv park in Hutch. Since Lighthouse Landings groundbreaking, we have been excited that a modern alternative to the one other old camp or the fairgrounds is open. in our visit in March ’16, they were not open yet, but the build quality and appeal was exceptional.
    We hope to spend Christmas there.

  2. Carl says:

    Do your sites have full hookups including; 30/50 amp service, water, sewer?

  3. Ben Moore says:

    i am coming thru Hutch first week of June dont know what time of day. Are you filling up or would 3-4 hour call maybebe suffiecent for a 39ft motor home towing.what would the over nite rate be.

  4. lighthouseRV says:

    We have plenty of room. Please call us at 1-800-921-1236
    Thank you

  5. Travis Whitacre says:

    Are pets allowed to stay in the cabins as long as not left alone?

  6. lighthouseRV says:

    Yes that is correct!

  7. Kristy says:

    Does the passport america discount apply to the cabins

  8. lighthouseRV says:

    No it does not, I apologize.

  9. Edie Samuelson says:

    Are you open for RV camping in November?

  10. lighthouseRV says:

    YES we are!! Please call 800-921-1236

  11. Don Palmer says:

    When will you have sewer to go along with electric and water. Also, will Wi-Fi be available in near future. what is the finish date on meeting room?
    Thanks for your response.

  12. lighthouseRV says:

    We have always had sewer with our hook-ups. There has always been free WiFi. The meeting room has been done for about 4 weeks now.

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